MINTify Rule

MINTify is a cutting-edge innovation in fraud prevention providing most modern data mining mechanism. The new fully automated rule creator is based on statistical-mathematical calculation for the probability of fraud pattern occurrences within large data sets. MINTify generates comprehensible and transparent rules- No Black Box Scoring anymore!

MINTify characteristics:

  • MINTify detects definitely all fraud patterns within your data
  • MINTify has a proven track record in creating the best fraud rules.
  • MINTify is easy to use and fully automatic
  • MINTify uses ground-breaking technology developed by the inventor of MP3 (Fraunhofer IAIS)

Rule Quality – It’s Your Decision!

Every rule is provided with the quality criteria detection rate and false/positive ratio. The MINTify rule creator is the first solution allowing the user to configure the rule. In order to start a rule creation process, a user needs to provide just a few parameters such as the maximum accepted false/positive ratio, the minimum accepted detection rate, as well as the number of rules which should be created.

The rules are as good as you want them to be! Effective and good performing rules can be directly transferred to your real-time system whilst more complex or not high performing rules can be used in near-real-time processing. Depending on your risk tolerance level and customer-service focus the decision of whether a rule should block transactions or place them into queues or any other customer-specific action is yours.

Your Benefits:

  • Fully automatic data mining – no experts required
  • Fully automatic creation of the best fraud rules
  • Guaranteed detection of all fraud-patterns within your data

No Migration

You are happy with your fraud prevention system?

Perfect! Stick with it – no migration is needed. One of the key advantages to many existing fraud detection and prevention systems is the simple deployment of MINTify as an add-on to an existing system landscape. The system easily connects to any existing relational database for fraud pattern detection. The automatically generated rules are subsequently forwarded to the rule applying/processing system.

The huge benefit is avoiding an expensive, time and resource critical migration to form a new real-time system. For fast and easy implementation there is only a single interface to MINTify required.