MINTify Business Case

When thousands of fraud-analysts around the globe continuously analyze huge amounts of account application data, payment transactions, money transfers, online orders, authentication transactions (e.g. 3D Secure) etc. they search for fraud-patterns in order to identify fraud-rules that prevent further fraud.

Let MINTify take care of this job and see how you can dramatically reduce your total costs of fraud.

  • Revenue loss due to declined genuine transactionsMINTify enhances customer services by reducing false/positives ratios and avoiding referral/decline of genuine transactions. Fewer transactions referred to analysts result in less investigation costs and less customer impact.
  • Total staff cost for fraud prevention and case managementMINTify saves time and money when obtaining a complete and optimal set of fraud-prevention rules through fully automatic rule creation.
  • Total back-office handling costsReduced manual processes in fraud analysis allow maximum gains in time and prevention quality. A more efficient investigation process increases productivity and accelerates the fraud detection
  • Loss due to fraudulent transactionsMINTify generates the mathematically proven best possible fraud-prevention rules in near-real-time. The solution accurately identifies all fraud patterns and automatically generates the optimal rules for earlier fraud detection, with better false/positive ratios. It has a proven track record in reducing fraud losses significantly.