The MINTify Process

MINTify follows a very simple three step process by the end of which you will receive your custom rule set.

Send us Data

Start the process by sending us your transaction data. We require both genuine and fraudulent transactions. All account numbers need to be hashed and all sensitive data removed. More data fields will yield better rule performance but there are only a hand full of required fields.

MINTify Learns

MINTify, our rule creation algorithm, will find all the fraud patterns in your data including those that include historical elements. You define your target false positive threshold as well as several further features. This ensures that you receive a rule set custom tailored to your needs. Once the rule set is created, barring that it was created over the most recent time-period, it will be validated over unseen data stemming from a timeframe succeeding the creation timeframe.


Receive Rule Set

You can choose to receive your rule sets in multiple different formats including PDF, XML or SQL. Because MINTify does not operate as a black box, these rule sets are easy to read and interpret. Together with the rules themselves, you will receive a detailed overview of the sets performance in addition to a rule overlap report.