WARNING Paymint is not released yet. It is not usable.

Simple and powerful, just like crypto

Paymint is a secure API that instantly forwards cryptocurrency payments to your wallet.

0.5%  Flat Transaction Fee and No Login

Available for digital coins: Bitcoin and Monero

 1# you want to accept Bitcoin from user ID fred
 2uid = "fred"
 4output = "1A1zP1eP5QGefi2DMPTfTL5SLmv7DivfNa"
 5callback = f"{uid}"
 6response = requests.get(f"{output}?callback={callback}")
 7address = response.json()["address"]
 9app = Flask(__name__)
11def callback():
12    data = json.loads(
13    print(f"{uid} paid {data['received']} BTC with {data['confirmations']} confirms")

How it Works

Paymint allows you to easily create addresses for a range of cryptocurrencies that your users can send to.

Once Paymint detects a transaction, and at important milestones in the confirmation, it calls your "callback" link with relevant information.

When the transaction is finalized, Paymint instantly forwards the money to your "output" address, so you never have to worry about lengthy withdrawal times. You always stay in control of your crypto.

Paymint makes it easy to accept crypto in a white-label fashion.

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